Guided or not?

Pedal for Prizes offers a few options to participants: ride with a group led by an experienced guide or take your bike out on your own.

Of course, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to the guided rides.

We’ll start with the advantages:

+  Our ride leaders know Old Brooklyn extremely well, so you can enjoy and take in the scenery without fear of losing your way or following a map.

+  Ride leaders are experienced in guiding large groups, and they know how to deal with traffic and asserting the group’s right to the road.

+  There’s no need to lock your ride at destinations because there will be someone watching your bike while you run into shops.  (Still bring a lock, though!)

+ It’s always fun riding with and meeting new people!

Now the negatives:

– If you’re aiming to hit all twenty-two destinations, joining the intermediate/advanced guided ride is probably not your way to go.  The ride leader will wait for all members to collect a raffle ticket at a particular destination, so you may spend a little extra time idle.  Also, a few of the destinations may offer a challenge in which participants will be awarded an extra raffle ticket for attempting it.  The group will wait for everyone to complete the challenge before departing.

– Riding with the guided group will not give you as much of an opportunity to explore stores and shops at your own pace, explore around Pop UP Pearl and enjoy the entertainment there, grab something to eat, or partake in a quick game of bicycle polo with the Pedal Republik of Cleveland.

– The larger group may create bottlenecks, so it will not be as easy to pop in and out of a shop really quickly and trek on to the next destination like if you were on your own.

We’ll have more information on an upcoming blog post about how to prepare for the event and things you can expect there.

At last year’s Pedal for Prizes, the majority of participants went off on their own.  What are you planning to do?


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