Old Brooklyn Bikequinox – Saturday, September 17

Join us for the Old Brooklyn Bikequinox, a bicycle scavenger hunt and karaoke party happening Saturday, September 17.

Upon registering at Mr. Peabody’s Pub, 4967 Pearl Road, you’ll receive a map of Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood and list of questions that relate to it. You’ll need to ride your bike throughout the community for the answers.

If enough are correct when you return to Mr. Peabody’s Pub, you’ll receive a raffle ticket to throw in the hopper. We’ll draw tickets one by one. If yours is pulled, you come up to a table with over $800 worth of awesome prizes from Joy Machines Bike Shop and pick whichever one you’d like.

Immediately following the raffle, we’ll be hosting a karaoke after-party. Hang out and have a drink, and if you’re up for it, pick a song from Mr. Peabody’s extensive library to sing.

The Old Brooklyn Bikequinox is coordinated by the organizers of Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes and is supported by Neighborhood Connections.

RSVP your attendance on Facebook here.


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