Old Brooklyn Bikequinox is Saturday

Join us for the Old Brooklyn Bikequinox, a bicycle scavenger hunt and karaoke party happening Saturday, September 17. The event is free.

Here’s the schedule of the Bikequinox:

— 5:30-6:00pm —
Register at Mr. Peabody’s Pub, 4967 Pearl Road, and receive a map and trivia question sheet. Ride your bike on your own or with friends and other participants to answer the questions. Answering the questions, which are based on things you’ll see in Old Brooklyn, should take the average cyclist slightly more than an hour.

— 7:30pm —
Return to Mr. Peabody’s Pub by 7:30pm and have your question sheet graded by a volunteer. Correctly answering all questions gets you a chance to win a raffle prize. We’ll have plenty of free pizza from Carmino’s Pizza in Old Brooklyn for you.

— 8:00pm —
We raffle off more than $800 of bicycle-related prizes from Joy Machines Bike Shop, including Bern helmets, light sets, Forest City Portage swag, bike racks, bike multi-tools, repair kits, u-locks, bike computers, and more. We’ll have 32 prizes valued between $10 and $60 laid out on a table, and will pick one raffle ticket at a time. If yours is picked, come up to a table and select whatever prize you want. We’ll pick raffle tickets until either everyone has a prize or everything is given away.

— 8:30pm until ? —
The karaoke after-party starts. 21 & over, please. Belt out one of more of your fave tunes from Mr. Peabody’s extensive karaoke library, or just hang out and watch other singing cyclists. Mr. Peabody’s will have a cash bar. (Mr. Peabody’s is cash-only, but there’s also an ATM inside in case you forget money.)

Please feel free to stay for part or all of the evening. Happy Bikequinox!

The Old Brooklyn Bikequinox is coordinated by the organizers of Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes and is supported by Neighborhood Connections. For updates, please “like” Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes on Facebook.


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