Some tips for Pedal for Prizes

Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes takes place this Saturday!

Here are some helpful hints for you for the event:

* Pedal for Prizes is completely free and open to cyclists of all ages and skill levels.  It’s a family-friendly event!

* If you’re driving your bike to the event, Loew Park has a limited number of parking spaces.  However, there plenty of on-street places to park.  We just ask everyone to please be respectful to our Old Brooklyn neighbors.

* Registration begins at 12 noon.  At Loew Park, you’ll sign a release form and receive a map of twenty-two destinations and a punch card.  Cyclists are free to go on their way to as many destinations as they’d like in any order.

* Helmets are strongly encouraged, but not required.  We ask for everyone to obey traffic laws while participating in Pedal for Prizes.  Also, a lock will come in handy for when you

* We suggest bringing cash in case you’d like to get lunch at a local establishment or a cold drink someplace in Old Brooklyn.

* Pop UP Pearl will be happening at the same time as Pedal for Prizes, and as many as three destinations may be located throughout the street festival.  It will also be going on after Pedal, so there will still be plenty to see or do after Pedal’s raffle.

* Check out our sponsors page to see who has contributed prizes that you can win!

Please check back for more tips!  Thanks for your support!


5 Comments on “Some tips for Pedal for Prizes”

  1. ALL things for you. says:

    Check out our things at “ALL things for you.” while pedaling. We are around the corner from starting point at 2020 West Schaaf Rd. Interior Design & home staging consulting, antiques, gifts and things! Look for the bikes with balloons. See ya Saturday.

    • jenny kroft says:

      i am so disappointed that i have to work saturday 11-3pm. will it be too late for me to ride my bike by then? thanks. jenny, Hillcrest Avenue

      • Hi Jenny, unfortunately, yes. Cyclists are coming back to Loew Park at 3pm and the raffle is taking place at 3:30pm. Sorry you have to work! We will have future events, though, so hopefully you can come to them.

  2. Amy says:

    We really enjoyed last year’s event and are looking forward to riding tomorrow. Last year we noticed how several people won two, three or more prizes each. That didn’t seem quite right that someone should be allowed to win more than one prize. It also didn’t look like the buckets of tickets were mixed up before drawing the tickets. Any way that could be changed this year?

    • Hi Amy, thanks for the feedback. We’ve changed things up a bit this year so that multiple prizes of the same sort are not drawn out of the same basket. We think that will help a lot. However, since this is a Chinese-style raffle and people can spread their tickets as they’d like, it’s not unlikely for them to be really lucky and a few prizes.

      We did think we mixed the tickets up well before the raffle and when the prizes were in queue to be drawn. But we’ll try to pay close attention to mixing tickets.

      Hope you enjoy the event.

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